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Scraper Handles 300mm


Deck scraper wooden handle

Boat Hook & Pole 3m Galvanized


Boat Hook with Pole

Hoe Scraper with 1.2m Pole


Hoe Scrapper with 1.2m Pole

Gooseneck Scraper


Flat Scraper


Bosuns Chair - Base Only


A wooden working platform to sit on while working on a mast

Bosuns Chairs

Caulking Cotton - 500g


Caulking cotton is used to caulk wooden planked vessels since the days of the tall ships

Mallet - Round


For hitting caulking cotton

Mallet - Serving


Used to whip twine on the rope end

Mallet Serving

Marlin Spike
  • Used for splicing steel wire rope

  • Marlin Spike - 200mm
  • Marlin Spike - 250mm
  • Marlin Spike - 300mm
  • Marlin Spike - 350mm
  • Marlin Spike - 400mm
  • Marlin Spike - 450mm
  • Marlin Spike - 500mm
  • Marlin Spike - 550mm
  • Mirrors s/s - 100 x 100mm


    Stainless steeis signalling mirror a wireless solar telegraph that signals by flashes of sunlight (generally using Morse code) reflected by a mirror

    Muff Ear Complete


    Earmuffs are used to flush an outboard engine after use with fresh water

    Plugs Wooden


    In case of a through hull fitting breaking off or leaking wooden plug is used to stop the leak

    Shovels - Fibreglass


    Fibreglass shovels with wooden handles used for cleaning bottom of crude oil tanks